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Collage + Art Zine: End Days of Our Youth

Ah- this community hasn't been very active - but I still hope that there are still Guruguru fans out there! Recently I put together a little collage and art zine called the End Days of Our Youth that may be of interest to some of you. I love Guruguru very much, and the zine was a way to pay tribute to them and the world they introduced me to.

There is a 20 page article about Guruguru Eigakan inside with some rare concert photos featuring the original line-up. It's both an introduction of the band as well an attempt to tie together some of the themes in the band (visual & lyrical) to a historical context, exploring the Taisho era concept of Eroguro Nonsense and 1990s nostalgia revival among Japanese youth.

The zine also features a collection of collages I made with a Taisho Roman and Showa Retro aesthetic. I was inpsired a lot by Guruguru Eigakan flyers and CD booklet designs, drawing from old pre-WWII Japanese magazines combined with my own photographs of cityscapes.

You can find out more about the zine and purchase a copy here.

Thank you for taking a look! m(_ _)m
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