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2/13/09 11:32 am - haradokiwao

[info]taanya, please tell me if this is not allowed.

hello friends ... i was wondering if anyone likes to rescue guruguru's Miraiha Tanteidan Sansei ~11/15 hatsubai no nazo~ cd. picture is here ->

i decided to sell that baby. but feel free to trade if you own any guruguru jewel. :) i am still looking for a bunch of cds. and if you like metronome's LIFO or first album, please let me know as well. thank you~

10/4/08 12:04 pm - taanya - New Release!

Guruguru are releasing a new single this winter!

Date: 12/17/2008
Title: 破戒 / 想像 (Hakai / Souzou)
Price: 2,500y

Details: Single CD + DVD set. The DVD is limited to 1,000 copies and will include PVs for "Chijin no koi" and "14sai no shayou". Gokimi (ex. Tokyo Heroes) will return as support bass.

Three oneman lives will follow:


6/27/08 06:08 pm - taanya - Chijin no koi & Profiles

Gurugurufans! The official site was just updated with member profiles and a video clip of the PV for their upcoming CD's title track, "Chijin no koi". Check it out!


I know little about this new Gokimi character (ex-Tokyo Heroes), but it seems he's here to stay. They say he is an "official support" member and refer to this as the 3rd stage of Guruguru Eigakan.

6/10/08 02:39 pm - taanya - Official Site Change

Hi guys, I just want to point out that the new AMG site I posted about is simply their new official site. That is, http://www.m-up.com/guruguru/ will not be updated anymore, and actually hasn't been since February. (Sorry I didn't notice their note about it earlier.)

New Official: http://guruguru-eigakan.syncl.jp/

5/27/08 08:42 pm - le_gritche - New mini-album!

グルグル映畫館 is coming out with a new CD on July 23rd!

It’s a five track CD called 「痴人の恋」(chijin no koi) that will cost 2100 yen.

The tracklist contains the following songs:
1. 痴人の恋 (chijin no koi)
2. あたし気にしない (atashi kinishinai)
3. 知人の声 (chijin no koe)
4. 天稟の淫婦 (tenpon no inpu)
5. 奇人の愛 (kijin no ai)

Source: Brand-x & Shattered Tranquility

8/6/07 08:21 pm - taanya - Fanlisting

Hey guys!

I'm having a bit of trouble maintaining the official fanlisting. People hardly ever join, and I forget to put up the required "No one has joined lately" notice, so I end up getting warnings for inactivity. (The band isn't so active that I remember to update the site once a month.) Since the member list is pretty big, given how few English-speaking fans there are around, I wouldn't want to see it go to waste :/

Would anybody be interested in taking over?
(Inheriting the member list, moving it to your website, etc.)

7/20/07 06:11 am - taanya - 太平洋ベルト News

Taiheiyou Belt will be releasing a new album in August!

Taiheiyou Belt - Umikko NOW!(3)

Release Date: 2007.08.23
Link: http://www.cdjapan.jp/detailview.html?KEY=DAKFCCD-30

Something I don't quite get is the price. I am almost sure the CD is supposed to cost 3000yen, but for some reason it is 1800yen on CDJapan's page. :/ Guess we'll see.

(In the meantime I'll be scanning a flyer for you guys soon :D)

Also available from CDJapan is Belt's DVD, Umikko NOW!(2): http://www.cdjapan.jp/detailview.html?KEY=DAKFCDV-2

*needs to get around to ordering (2) and (3)*

5/19/07 03:10 pm - taanya - Release announcement!

This year's July 4th release will feature none other than Inugami Circus-dan!

Artist | グルグル映畫館 featuring 犬神サーカス団
(Guruguru Eigakan featuring Inugami Circus-dan)

Title | 凶子の「恐怖の深夜ラヂヲ」
(Kyouko no "Kyoufu no shinya radio")

Date | 07/04/2007

Mini-album. AMG will conduct a pre-sale. They will follow the release with 3 shows (with Inugami) and 4 instore events.

7/08(日)HOLIDAY SHINJUKU c/w犬神サーカス団
7/13(金)HOLIDAY OSAKA c/w犬神サーカス団
7/22(日)HOLIDAY NAGOYA c/w犬神サーカス団

7/04(水)Jishuban Club (Amano & Kyouko / "1-day salesperson" [?!] and talk)
7/08(日)CD HOLIDAY Kabukicho (Tokyo)
7/14(土)Like an Edison (Osaka)
7/21(土)Like an Edison (Nagoya)

Further details coming!

3/18/07 08:39 pm - taanya - 14歳の斜陽

Hey! Info! The new single comes out on April 25th, and Brand-X has the details up:

14歳の斜陽 (14sai no shayou)

M-1 14歳の斜陽 (14sai no shayou)
M-2 15の朝 (15 no asa)
M-3 大人になった僕へ (otona ni natta boku e)

[ link ]

It's so strange to see only three of them in the photo... Oh, and the support bassist on the single is Metronome's Riu! Can't wait to hear it!

2/27/07 02:23 am - taanya - News!!

If you take a look at Guruguru's April/May schedule, you will find something exciting:

4/21 Tokyo - ONEMAN (No word about the bassist yet.)
4/30 Osaka - with Metronome, Taiheiyou Belt, The Golden Spider, etc.
5/6 Nagoya - with Metronome, Taiheiyou Belt, etc.

(Fun fact: Takeya [The Golden Spider] is the guitarist of SHAME. Not sure if he's doing both, but he's definitely in SHAME.)

Guruguru will also release a CD single in April!
(I'm guessing at the oneman, details to be announced!)

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